Trident Agricultural Products was founded in 1985. We are a full service soil fumigation company serving the Pacific Northwest. We distribute and custom apply registered blends of Methyl Bromide, Telone, and Chloropicrin. Based in Woodland, Washington, we operate a bulk storage facility in Buena, Washington to serve our customers throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Our goal is to help growers cultivate a safe, healthy, abundant and affordable food supply. Soil fumigation increases yield, improves the quality of the crop, and allows for a shorter crop rotation, bringing monetary benefits to our customers.

We believe in a 'service the farm' sales approach. This is a long-term, end-to-end product and application stewardship perspective, not a 'quick sale'. Whether custom- or grower-applied, we do a field-specific survey and develop the treatment plan in partnership with the grower. We synthesize a broad range of data to optimize the soil treatment tailored to each grower's specific needs. These evaluations include considerations of agronomy, resource conservation, soil biology and soil science, meteorology, and economics.

We analyze the crop, target pests, soil conditions, weather, irrigation, and past treatments, among many other variables. Using our years of knowledge, first-hand experience, and ongoing R&D, we put together a recommended treatment plan. We walk our customers through the regulatory requirements and are on-hand to ensure a safe and successful application. We follow up to make sure our customers are satisfied with the results. That must be why we have more than 90% of return customers.

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