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    Common Tree Fruit Diseases and Pathogens

  • Replant Disease
  • Soil Disease
  • Nematodes

Fumigation & Crop Rotation

Every season, your crops fall prey to a wide variety of diseases and pests that have evolved to infect and diminish your crop's yield. Even after this year's harvest is gathered and you remove the old plants from your field, these mature parasitic organisms remain in the soil. When you plant next-season's crops, you are placing new, under-developed plants into an environment thriving with mature soil-born parasites and disease waiting for their next meal.

You may practice crop rotation for disease suppression, denying the soil-borne pathogens a season or two of the crop that they have tailored themselves to infect. However, many diseases and parasites can live for years inside of old roots and clumps of hardened soil. Crop rotation alone becomes a less effective and a less-profitable way to manage field viability. Sometimes you need to help your soil's recovery along.

By working with Trident Ag we can find you the perfect fumigant combination that will attack the pathogens when they are the weakest. We treat your soil after you remove the old crops and before you plant next season's crops. Your fields will have a head start on developing a strong, healthy root system as it develops into a healthy plant.

Healthier soil means healthier crops, and that means healthier profits.

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