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As the same fields are used year after year, pathogens and soil-borne pest like nematodes and root rot hamper the development of a healthy and dependable raspberry crop. Raspberry farmers depend on soil fumigation to keep their soil in a healthy, pathogen-free state year after year to ensure dependable yearly crops.

Farming strawberries and raspberries are very similar; but raspberry farmers benefit more from a more controlled fumigation method. This means the farmer spends less on fumigants and there is less danger to the environment. Trident fumigation experts are qualified and experienced in suggesting the best fumigation methods and chemical mixes to help protect raspberry fields to insure year-after-year produce and profits.

Raspberry plants have a low tolerance for the variety of soils they can grow in. Because of this, there are fewer options for raspberry fields, limiting the farmer's options for crop rotation.

    Common Raspberry Diseases & Pathogens

  • Armillaria Root Rot
  • Crown Gall or Cane Gall
  • Dematophora Root Rot
  • Fusarium Wilt
  • Phytophthora Root Rot
  • Verticillium Wilt
  • Dagger Nematode
  • Lesions Rot Nematode
  • Needle Nematode

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