Fumigants by Trident Ag Products provide a soil health plan that you can feel good about. Chloropicrin impacts the environment in some very positive ways.

Soil fumigation with Chloropicrin-based products does NOT sterilize the soil.
The terminal breakdown products are nitrate nitrogen, carbon dioxide and chloride which all can be utilized as "food" by the plants growing in the conditioned soil.
Chloropicrin does not deplete the ozone layer.
It is broken down by sunlight and none-the-less, applied safely in the soil.
The soil half-life of Chloropicrin is short.
It is broken down by microbial and non-microbial interactions within a few days.
Plants grown in Chloropicrin-fumigated soil often require less water, less fertilizer and less pesticide per harvest yield.
Trials have shown that a larger root system develops because the root-destroying pests have been reduced allowing for healthier plants and more efficient use of nutrients.
The carbon footprint of Chloropicrin is positive.
Trials have shown that plants grown in Chloropicrin-treated soil produce more biomass (leaves, roots and harvestable crop) and take up more CO2 from the atmosphere per acre than the amount produced in the manufacture and shipment of the product.

Effects of repeated soil fumigation using different fumigants on Trichoderma spp. soil populations and strawberry yield.

Treatments 1998/1999 1999/2000 2000/2001 1998/1999 1999/2000 2000/2001
Chloropicrin 26.4 a 66.0 b 797 b 32.7 a 32.3 ab 40.7 a
Control 36.6 a 36.6 b 19.8 b 22.1 b 21.4 c 25.9 c
MB-VIF 49.5 a 346.5 a 2668.3 a 32.4 a 34.0 a 40.9 a
MB 42.9 a 351.5 a 2625.5 a 31.3 a 35.0 a 42.2 a
Telone 42.9 a 264.0 a 1188.1 ab 33.5 a 34.7 a 40.7 a
Metham-S 0 a 0 b 0 b 30.5 a 29.2 b 28.5 c
Dazomet 0 a 9.9 b 113.85 b 31.8 a 33.7 a 35.3 b
Trichoderma colony-forming units per gram of soil. Each value is the average of three plots from each of two locations.

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