Soil fumigation is drip or shank applied via broadcast or raised bed. Depending on pathogen type and degree of infestation, fumigant formulations are injected at various rates and depths below the surface. The soil surface is then sealed using bed presses or roller packers. Applied by certified fumigation professionals, the product can be injected into the soil in as little as 14 days prior to planting a crop.

Following injection, the fumigant rapidly diffuses through the soil and immediately starts eliminating the target pathogens and pests.

Formulations can be applied with other fumigants or as a stand alone. One pass and you are done - helping with residue management for erosion control, reduced application costs, lower pounds of active ingredient which can positively affect bufferzone allowances, a shorter plant back window, and broad spectrum efficacy.

Bed Broadcast

  • Dual applications Telone/Pic
  • Broadcast Telone Pic formulations
  • Strong custom applicator network
Bed Broadcast application

2020 Crop
First Year Using Flex Fume

  • Most growers liked the beds
  • Some concerned with wind erosion
  • Limited to Strike formulations
Bed Broadcast application

Soil Preparation

Soil fumigants are injected into the soil to control harmful insects, nematodes, weeds, bacteria, fungi, and diseases. To effectively move through the soil, proper soil conditions (such as soil moisture and temperature) are key.


  1. 1. Remove Old Roots: Nematodes can continue to live in roots. Remove as many old tree and vine roots as possible using a "root rake" or by hand.
  2. 2. Deep Rip: Deep ripping (as deep as 6 feet) or backhoeing helps to break up hard pans and open up the soil.
  3. 3. Break Up Clods: Large clods can prevent the fumigant from effective soil penetration and also not allow the necessary sealing at the soil surface.
  4. 4. Well-tilled: Soil that has been well-tilled will allow the fumigant to disperse efficiently through the soil profile. This also allows for proper soil sealing at the surface.
Remove Old Roots
1. Remove Old Roots
Deep Rip
2. Deep Rip
Break Up Clods
3. Break Up Clods
4. Well-tilled

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