Post Harvest

Harvest is the time when all of the hard work and money you invested in soil fumigation with Trident pays off. Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants and Healthy Produce all leads to greater financial success.

After the Harvest

As you know, there is no "one plan" for what to do with your fields after the harvest. It all depends on the crop type and what your plans are for the next season. If your harvesting grapes or fruit trees, then maybe you just need to keep the weeds away, add a little fertlizer and keep your plants healthy for the next season.

If you are planning a replant next harvest season, then you need to start planning for Fumigation. As your previous crop grew, so did the molds, fungi, pest and nematodes. Your mature plants could weather their influence, but next-season's young crop will be stunted and harmed by the current level of soil contamanants.

If you are going to replant your field next season, you need to start planning for your fumigation. Talk to your Trident Representitive.

    Plan Ahead:

    1. Remove Old Roots: Nematodes can continue to live in roots for years. Remove as many old tree and vine roots as possible using a "root rake" or by hand. Get ahead of the game.
    2. Cover Crops & Crop Rotation: Some plants benefit heavily from sharing their soils with other plants. This, with soild fumigation, can help in the battle against replant diseases.
    3. Mark you Calendar: Different plants get the best results from fumigation when it is done in the fall, others benefit when the soil is fumigated right before planting. Make sure you plan ahead to prep your soild and fumigated so you are not delaying planting your next crop while you scramble to get your fields healthy.
    4. Consult your Trident Representitive: At Trident, we want to be there when you need us. We want to make your next crop a success! Keep your Representitive up to date on whhen you plan to fumigate he can help you with supplies and testing.

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