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Replant disease is a common problem in the Northeast for young fruit trees. Replant disease can be treated and minimized with Trident Fumigation before planting begins.

Replant Disease occurs when young trees are planted on the site of a pre-existing orchard. Replant disease is most common when apples or pears are planted either after apples or pears, or when cherries are planted after cherries. The soil in older orchards have many pathogens and harmful organisms that attack young root systems and retard healthy growth. Trees affected by Replant Disease will take longer to start producing fruit, and they will produce smaller fruits over the tree’s lifespan.

By fumigating a new orchard, the soil is protected from many of the pathogens and organisms that cause Replant Disease and the new orchard yields more profits over a longer period. Soil Fumigation with Trident Products represent a small expense when compared to the long-term profitability of an orchard.

    Common Tree Fruit Diseases and Pathogens

  • Fusasium
  • Verticillium
  • Replant Disease
  • Nematodes

Soil Preparation

Allow time for proper Trident Fumigations before planting a new fruit tree orchard. It is more profitable over the life of the Fruit Tree Orchard to start with a properly-applied fumigation, even if it means delaying the planting of the Orchard until a later date.

The best times for doing soil fumigations for fruit trees is in the late fall after harvest or the early spring before planting a new orchard. The soil must be worked and prepared properly to make sure that the fumigants can properly spread through the soil. Consult with a Trident Professional to make sure that the proper soil preparations are performed. Soil analysis is also required to make sure the right product is used and a Trident Professional will make sure it it is applied correctly and safely.

Soil Preperation Guide

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