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Soil fumigants play an important role in agriculture, nursery, and greenhouse production. Soil fumigation provides benefits to both the consumer and the grower. Yet the chemical properties that make them so effective in managing difficult-to-control soil pests and diseases require caution and proper handling. Farming chemistry "plant medicines" used in soil fumigation are regulated as closely as people medicines. Maybe even more so, since fumigants are also reviewed for their total environmental impact. Trident is a champion of field performance, public safety, and environmental stewardship.

Trident is known as an industry leader in following the regulatory requirements:

Regulated & Documented Applications:

Fumigations are well-planned, thoroughly documented, and strictly regulated:
  • Fumigation starts with a TRIDENT field representative visiting the customer and proposed site in order to evaluate the overall needs and goals. TRIDENT will take into consideration variables such as the crop, location, soil conditions and soil prep.

  • TRIDENT will complete a Fumigation Management Plan (FMP) detailing everything from soil conditions and application methods to buffer zone information, emergency preparedness plans, on site personnel, air monitoring, and surrounding area notifications.

  • After the fumigation is complete, TRIDENT will complete a Post-Application Summary detailing weather conditions and any other pertinent information.
For more information about Fumigation Management Plans and soil fumigants, go to US EPA to see the complete Soil Fumigant Toolbox.

Public & Environmental Safety:

Product and application scrutiny keep handlers, applicators, and bystanders safe.
All TRIDENT applicators, handlers, and customers and their handlers must:
  • Certify annually completion and fit-test of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and respirator training.
  • Certify annually completion of EPA Handler Training.
  • Closely follow Federal and State Worker Protection Standards (WPS).
  • Comply with Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs).
All soil fumigants are considered Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) and undergo rigorous research and testing before getting label approval.
All product labels contain:
  • How to handle fumigant.
  • Approved application method and rate.
  • Allowable acres for treatment.
  • Entry-restricted period.
  • Mandatory buffer zones.
  • Notification posting requirements.
  • Required personal protective equipment.
  • Applicable tarp removal and re-entry procedures.

Trident = Over 30 years of safe use on tens of thousands of acres.

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